Built around the high-performance ATmega32U4 processor, the new M2 microcontroller module is among the most powerful and robust educational mechatronics platforms available today. This advanced system remains pin-compatible with the original M1 while providing a number of significant improvements, including: a clock speed of 16 MHz (twice that of the M1); a streamlined single-button bootloader process; a 5-pin expansion port for plug-and-play modules including wireless communications, inertial measurement, data storage, and more; and onboard power-protection circuitry capable of rejecting positive and negative faults of up to 28 Volts. And all of this is wrapped around a processor with 32K of programmable flash, 1K of EEPROM, 2.5K of SRAM, 25 GPIO lines, 32 working registers, four timer/counters, one high-speed timer, 12 channels of 10-bit ADC, and a variety of communication protocols, including USART, I2C, SPI, JTAG, and USB. The module is programmed via a USB cable with no intervening hardware, and all development tools are freely-available online.

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