The NodeMCU is an open-source firmware project for the low cost ESP8266 which includes an Arduino interface.

  • Operating voltage 3.3V
  • Memory 4Mb
  • Clock Frequency 80Mhz
  • Interface USB to Mac or PC
  • WiFi 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

General Information

Programming Reference

Coming soon...

Detailed References

ESP8266 Home Site Fairly difficult to find useful things. But maybe this will change.
Adafruit ref: Installing ESP8266 as Arduino Note, this is for a slightly different board than the NodeMCU. There should be no problems with using USB.

Wireless Tools

Port Forwarding Setting up a router for port forwarding (required for ESP8266 wifi) (note: I think UPnP enabled will allow port forwarding without having to set every IP address of every device.)
Pack Sender Tool very useful to debug TCP or UDP packets. Run from mac windows or linux.
Wireless sniffer Potentially useful wireless sniffer debugging (or checking if environment is too RF noisy) on a Mac.