This page describes how to make a revolve feature.


1. Make a new part [File > New > OK]

2. Push "Sketch" button to make a new sketch.

3. Select the plane you want to sketch on and push "OK".

4. Sketch a feature, say a rectangle, that you want to revolve around some arbitrary axis. Make sketch fully constrained.

5. Draw an axis to revolve your sketched feature around, if the existing axes aren't satisfactory. Make possible sketch fully constrained.

6. Push "Finish sketch" button to finish the sketch.

7. Push "Revolve" button.

8. First thing you need to select the curve (Section), in this case the rectangle. Select the curve using mouse.

9. After selecting the curve, push "Specify Vector (0)" button on the left, and then choose the axis you want to you use.

10. Set the limits. You can choose multible attributes.

11. Select boolean. You can choose multiple attributes.

12. Push "OK" button.