Lectures: on Zoom (see link on Canvas), Monday and Wednesday: 10:30am-noon, Recitation: Friday: 9:30am-11:00am
See Canvas for lecture recordings; you can also download them.

Lecture and homework dates subject to change

Date Assignments Topic Readings and Worksheets Quizzes

---- Review Probability and calculus (topics) Bishop 1.1-1.4, probability intro slides, MIT Probability Open Course self-test
---- Review Linear Algebra (topics) See Resources, MLMath self-test
---- Review python, numpy, jupyter, colab See Resources

W/Sep 2 Introduction (slides) quiz
F/Sep 4 Background: colab, pandas (slides) Worksheets: Python for ML, regression in python, array practice

M/Sep 7 No class: Labor Day
W/Sep 9 Local Learning and Decision Trees (slides) decision trees, info theory; Supplemental: Decision tree viz

Worksheets: K-NN, Decision trees, info gain

F/Sep 11 MLE/MAP and Gaussians (pdf slides) Background: Gaussians

Worksheet: MLE/MAP

quiz and regression prequiz, survey

M/Sep 14 HW 0 due Linear Regression


Bishop 3.1-3.3

Worksheet: Regression with MLE/MAP

W/Sep 16 Overfitting and regularization; Bias-Variance decomposition Worksheet: Bias/Variance quiz
F/Sep 18 Generalized Linear Regression;Questions quiz,survey

M/Sep 21 HW 1 due Regression Penalties and Gradient Descent Worksheets: Regression Penalties, gradient descent quiz1, quiz2
W/Sep 23 Logistic (slides) and Kernel Regression (slides) Supplemental: Bishop 4.0-4.5; Local Learning: Bishop 2.5 Worksheet: LR quiz1,quiz2
F/Sep 25 Scale Invariance; KL-divergence; Review quiz; survey

M/Sep 28 HW 2 due Neural Nets A stanford CNN course Supplemental: PyTorch

Worksheet: NNs

W/Sep 30 Neural Nets B Worksheet: CNNs quiz
F/Oct 2 GANs Worksheet: GANs; Supplemental (for fun): Ian Goodfellow on GANS quiz;survey

M/Oct 5 HW 3 due Boosting, Random Forests (slides, r.e. midterm) Bishop 14.3; Supplemental: shapire tutorial

Worksheet: Boosting

W/Oct 7 Support Vector Machines (SVMs) (slides) Bishop on large margin

Worksheet: SVM

F/Oct 9 Review Session (slides) survey

M/Oct 12 HW 4 due Online Learning Supplemental: Perceptron proof, Bishop on perceptrons quiz
W/Oct 14 Midterm 2018 midterm and solutions; 2019 midterm and solutions and 2019 midterm comments
F/Oct 16 SVD (slides) SVD wikipedia; Background: matrices, Bishop, and 3blue1brown videos

Worksheet: Matrix in Python SVD

quiz, survey

M/Oct 19 PCA (slides) PCA from Bishop

Worksheet: PCA

W/Oct 21 PCA uses quiz
F/Oct 23 midterm comments no quiz or survey

M/Oct 26 Clustering (slides) and EM Bishop Ch 9

Worksheet: kmeans

kmeans quiz, GMM quiz
W/Oct 28 EM and Missing Data (slides) Worksheet: missing data EM quiz, missing quiz
F/Oct 30 Imputation (slides) survey

M/Nov 2 HW 5 due Netflix (slides) Supplemental: netflix winning paper Worksheet:Recommender Systems quiz
W/Nov 4 Real world ML; (slides) Worksheet: Evaluation Metrics

data sources

F/Nov 6 Project advice, slides Other ML courses visualization

Worksheet: WS: Interpreting coefficients


M/Nov 9 HW 6 due Naive Bayes (slides), and LDA (slides) Worksheet: NB/LDA; Supplemental: LDA intro NB quiz;LDA quiz
W/Nov 11 Belief Nets (slides), HMMs (slides) Worksheet: Belief Net; HMM quiz
F/Nov 13 Belief Nets and friends survey


M/Nov 16 Project proposal due Recurrent neural nets (slides) Worksheet: RNN; Supplemental: GPT-3 outputs quiz
W/Nov 18 Reinforcement Learning I (slides) Worksheet: RL, Supplemental: RL-intro, MDPs, MDP-2, and MDP-3 quiz
F/Nov 20 RL recitation survey

M/Nov 23 HW 7 due RL: DQN and alphaZero (slides) Supplemental:SARSA, RL for starcraft quiz
W/Nov 25 No class but you can schedule a meeting to discuss your project
F/Nov 27 No class: Thanksgiving

M/Nov 30 Project checkpoint due Autoencoders and AutoML ICA. Worksheets: Autoencoders and AutoML quiz1, quiz2
W/Dec 2 Active Learning (slides) Worksheet: active learning quiz
F/Dec 4 Recitation (slides) final survey

M/Dec 7 HW 8 due Interpretation and Causality (slides) Bias quiz, bias quiz
W/Dec 9 Course Review (slides) Supplemental: tesla ML video quiz
R/Dec 10 Project due No class project participation

M/Dec 14 Extra review session 10:30 am (usual Monday zoom) (slides)
W/Dec 16 Final 24 hours, starting and ending at 10:00 am ET 2018 final and solutions; 2019 final and solutions