MEAM.Design - SolidCAM - SolidCAM Manager

SolidCAM Manager

The SolidCAM Manager is another tab in the SolidWorks manager. Its structure consists of several sections called headers. You will probably use the CAM-Part and Operations headers most frequently, but each header is described below:
  • CAM-Part header - Displays the name of the current CAM-part, and contains the following useful subheaders:
    • CoordSys Manager – defines/changes your SolidCAM coordinate system
    • Stock – defines the stock geometry from which your part will be machined. You can tell that stock has been defined if “(Stock)” appears next to the Stock subheader.
    • Target – defines the target geometry which constitutes your final machined part. You can tell that target has been defined if “(Target)” appears next to the Target subheader.
    • Settings – changes settings for current part only
  • Tool header – provides access to the current tool table and tool libraries
  • Machining Process header – provides access to the current machining process table
  • Geometries header – displays all SolidCAM geometries not used in operations
  • Operations header – lists all operations that you’ve defined to create your part

As you define data within your CAM-part, the SolidCAM Manager will update to reflect your changes:

  • Parenthetical citations appear next to the Stock and Target subheaders once these geometries have been defined.
  • As you add operations, a hierarchy will form under the Operations header.
  • Asterisks (*) will appear next to those operations that have been modified, saved, but not recalculated.