Moving to the Prototrak

These directions will help you take a manufacturing setup from NX and run it on the Prototrak.

Export to G-Code: When you are happy with the tool path and parameters, right click "NC_PROGRAM" and click "Generate". Next right click on "NC_PROGRAM" again and click "Post Process". Select "MILL_3_AXIS" from the post-processor menu. Rename your output file to have a ".gcd" extension and click "OK".

Transferring to the Prototrak: Transfer your gcd file to a USB flash drive. Go to the Prototrak and plug in your flash drive. From the top Prototrak menu, select "PROG IN/OUT" and then select "OPEN FILE". If you can't see the files on your flash drive, use the "Tab" button to access the drive dropdown and use the up and down keys on the keyboard to select the "D:" drive and press enter. Now use the up and down keys on the keyboard to select your GCD file and press the "Open File" button. This loads your G-CODE into the Prototrak.

Preparing the Prototrak: This is essentially the same as setting up the prototrak for any other CNC operation. Go to the system menu and ensure that you are in 3-Axis mode. Next, go to the DRO and establish your datums. Finally, go to the SETUP menu, setup the tool table as you would with any other CNC operation and set the Z-retract position.

Running the Program: This proceeds as with any other CNC operation. Go to the run menu. First, you should probably perform a trial run with the spindle retracted to make sure the program works as expected. Then press run and GO to start your operations. Remember to turn the spindle on before the machine contacts the part. Stand back, lubricate and watch!