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This page describes how to import/export files into/out of NX in various formats.

Export as STL (for 3d printing)

To print a part on the Dimension 3-d printer, you'll need to export it from NX as an STL (STereoLithography) file. This can be done by following these steps:

1. With the model open, select File > Export > STL...

2. Rapid Prototyping - Often, just click OK; however, while the defaults for Triangle Tolerance and Adjacency Tolerance will often be acceptable, if you find that import into Catalyst (the 3d printing software) is jagged, come back to this step and adjust these two values accordingly.

2b. Negative Geometry - If you've created geometry below the X-Y plane, you'll be presented with a warning box saying the part has "negative geometry" - the CatalystEX software that we use to control the printer will handle negative geometry just fine, so you can just say OK.

3. File Information - Give your file a name and location, click OK - but you're not done yet!

4. File Header - a header is not necessary, so just click OK.

5. Class Selection - now you need to select what you want to print. If you just want the whole model, click the button next to Select All, or use the other options to select a subset of your model, then click OK.

You should now have a fully-usable STL file that can be imported into Catalyst.