1. Select the sketch you wish to extrude. When a sketch is selected it will turn orange.

2. Select the extrude buton on the toolbar. A menu will appear with all of the extrusion options.

3. Selection: Selects the sketch that you wish to extrude.

4. Direction: Specifies the vector that defines the direction of the extrusion. Select arrow reflected over the center line to reverse the direction of extrusion.

5. Limits: Defines the distance extruded from the plane.

Start:The start location of the extrusion
  • Value: The extrusion will start at this point relative to the sketch.
  • Symmetric Value: The extrusion is symmetric about the midplane
  • Until Next: The extrusion will continue until the next plane present.
  • Until Selected: The extrusion will continue until the selected plane.
  • Until Extended:
  • Through All: The extrusion will continue in all directions
End: The end location of the extrusion.

6. Boolean: Defines the specific extrusion operation.

  • Unite: Combines the extrusion with any intersecting bodies.
  • Subtract: Removes the extruision from any intersecting bodies.
  • Intersect: Removes any bodies not intersecting the extrusion.

7.Draft: Change the pitch of the face relative to the starting plane.

  • From Start Limit
  • From Section
  • From Section - Asymmetric Angle
  • From Section - Symmetric Angle
  • From Section - Matched Ends

8. Offset: Specifies an offset for the extrusion.

  • Single-Sided: Offsets the extrusion only in one direction.
  • Double-sided: Offsets the extrusion in only one direction.
  • Symmetric: Offsets the extrusion equally in both directions.

9. Settings:

Body Type:
  • Solid: Extrudes the sketch as a solid body.
  • Sheet: Extrudes the sketch as thin sheets.
Tolerance: Defines the tolerance of the body

10. Preview Allows you to preview the extrusion before finalizing. Press Apply to update the preview window.

11. Select OK.