Customizing the NX Interface

All NX customization are saved to a file called user.mtx in C:\Documents and Settings\{Your Name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Unigraphics Solutions\NX5. If NX cannot write to this directory, your customizations won't be saved.

Customer Defaults

The primary way to setup your preferences is through the "Customer Defaults" dialog under File => Utilities => Customer Defaults. Through the various tabs in this menu you can effect most parts of the user interface and input default values for most functions.


In addition to allowing you to create your own customizations, NX comes with built in user roles. To access the roles menu, click the tab in the left bar with the two clip art people on it:

From here you can select one of many user roles. You can choose from advanced roles that show smaller buttons and leave more screen space, full menu roles that reveal more advanced features and more.

Saving Customizations Between Computers

This is a work in progress. I haven't really figured out how this should work but here's a sketch:

  • Each user can optionally place a copy of the user.mtx file to a known directory in their SEAS drive.
  • A startup script for all the PACE machines checks for a user.mtx file on the mounted SEAS drive and, if it exists, copies it to the local directory.
  • A shutdown script for all the the PACE machines copies the user.mtx file to the mounted SEAS drive (essentially this saves the customizations)

Andrew Metcalf