Back to MEAM.Design - Laser Cutting - Defining Your Geometry in SolidWorks

You cannot send files directly to the lasers from SolidWorks, but must pass them through an intermediate program (SolidWorks 2D Editor).

1. With your part file open, select File > Save As..., change the type to Dwg (*.dwg), name your file, and click Save.

2. A) If you have no sketch (2D) entities that you want to show up in the DWG, under Export, change to Faces / loops / edges, click on the face that you wish to laser cut, and click the green check mark. B) If you have sketch entities that you would like to show up in the DWG, under Export, change to "Annotation Views" and make sure that you are oriented normal to the face you would like to cut. Your sketch should appear in the DWG once you click the green check mark. You do NOT need to select any faces when using "Annotation Views." It converts your perspective in the Solidworks window to a DWG. That is why it is important to have a normal perspective when exporting under "Annotation Views."

3. Optionally remove extraneous entities as desired, then click Save.