MEAM.Design - MEAM 520 - PHANToM Haptics: Team Selection

Project 2 is PHANToM Haptics. The first part of this project is selecting your team. You must pick your team for PHANToM Haptics by midnight on Tuesday, November 27.

Below are the team selection guidelines:

  • Each team will include exactly three students.
  • You may not keep the same team as for project 1. We strongly encourage you to work with all new people.
  • If you insist, you can stay with one other person, but beware the negative effects this may have on the dynamics of your subsequent team.
  • We encourage you to mix undergrad and grad, MEAM and non-MEAM, but this is not required.

Looking for teammates? Try using the Project Teams & Study Groups tool on Piazza.

When you have chosen your team, please send a list of all three names to Denise Wong (MEAM 520 TA).

We will be happy to assign you to a team if you can't find two partners. Just send an email to Denise to explain the situation. Include your name, email address, and degree program to assist her in matching you with other students. Teams will be assigned on a rolling basis to give you as much time as possible to work together on the project.

If Denise does not hear from you by midnight on Tuesday, she will assign you to a team on Wednesday. The list below shows all confirmed teams.

Team numbers for project 2 will start at 51 to avoid confusion with team numbers from project 1.

Team - Members
51 - Michael Gosselin, Jialue Huang, and Qiong Wang
52 - Pablo Castillo, Wei-Ting Lo, and Chao Qu
53 - Sarah Badin, Dalton Banks, and Kunal Mahajan
54 - Shaojun Zhu, Hao Min, and Tianyi Zhang
55 - Noor Bosch, Nicholas Mcgill, and William Price
56 - Tianyu Dong, Yanwei Du, and Quangeng Xu
57 - Chaoyi Huang, Bo Yuan, and Rui Zhang
58 - Manisha Golas, Alex Jose, and Anand Mahusoohanan
59 - Sawyer Brooks, Dean Wilhelmi, and James Yang
60 - Bofei Wang, Di Wu, and Shiming Zhao
61 - Christine Kappeyne, Niko Vladimirov, and Brett Wittmerhaus
62 - Jon Balloch, Yunkai Cui, and Jason Gui
63 - Anne Mroz, Alex Sher, and Fiona Strain
64 - Noam Eisen, Eza Koch, and Paige Willoughby
65 - Annett Bordoley, Dieter Neckermann, and Rafi Holzer
66 - Jennifer Hui, Hardik Gupta, and Robert Parajon
67 - Erica Aduh, Daniel Friedman, and Cristina Sorice
68 - Leslie Callaghan, Vivian Chu, and Stella Latscha
69 - Sukreeti Sehrawat, Samarth Brahmbhatt, and Alexandre Miranda Anon
70 - Siyuan Zhan, Xu Gu, and Hang Su
71 - Elizabeth Fedalei, Tommy Sisson, and Lev Avakian
72 - Tyler Barkin, Jiali Sheng, Ian Rafter and Zhongqi Yue
73 - Richa Agrawal, Collin Boots, and Brian Lee
74 - Hang Zheng, Luo Yu, and Xiaoting Zheng
75 - Jonghak Kim, Jesse Morzel, and Alexander Reiner
76 - Kent deVillafranca, Brian Magerr, and Blake Winston
77 - Jonathon Kilhoffer, Alyssa Eng, and Takashi Furuya
78 - Andrew Gagne, Shane Howard, Gavin Kenneally
79 - Lena Abraham, Taeho Lee, and Heather Williams
80 - Gabrielle Merritt, Shreeya Goel, and Sebastien Issa
81 - Thomas Koletschka, Robyn Schwartz, and Jacob Spector
82 - Sebastian Schloesser, Kelsey Hall, and Romaine Waite
83 - Agata Ciesielski, Michael Lo, and Wenbin Zhao
88 - Chaitanya Bhargava, Chao Liu, and Dawei Wang