MEAM.Design - MEAM 520 - PUMA Light Painting: Reality

Once you have the PUMA painting in simulation, it's time to make the real robot paint with light. This assignment was originally due by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6, but it was suspended on Friday, November 2, due to technical difficulties with the PUMA robot computer. More details will be provided as they become available.

Your task is to record a light painting of the PUMA moving an LED around in space. Two steps are required in order to earn permission to work on the real robot:

1. Get trained to use the PUMA. Training takes 30 minutes and involves your whole team. See the piazza post on robot training.

2. Get a TA's approval on your code. After you submit your simulation of the robot painting, a TA will respond with comments and suggestions to help you get your code ready to run on the real robot. You need to address their comments and resubmit. They will let you know when you have permission to run your code on the real robot.

Download the functions needed to make the video and image.


  1. Make a folder named "final" inside your team's folder on the PUMA computer.
  2. Put all of your final code inside your "final" folder.
  3. Put the movie and time-lapse image inside the "final" folder as well.

Please come talk to the teaching team or post questions on Piazza if you get stuck on any part of this assignment.