MEAM.Design - IPD 501 - FRUIT



Th 1/17: Assigned

Tue 1/22: Due
Turn in rendering, model and write-up by 11:59pm on Monday, January 21st to Canvas.


Produce a model of a fruit or vegetable using SolidWorks surface modeling.


1. ZIP folder containing a pack and go of your fruit and title the folder as "". The part(s) should be thickened and turned into a solid body so that it is 3D printable.

2. JPG rendering to show off your awesome design. This should be titled "501-Fruit-Render-Pennkey.jpg".

3. PDF writeup about what you found difficult, what you learned, the total time you spent on this project, and anything else interesting you might want to include. This should be titled "501-Fruit-Writeup-Pennkey.pdf".

Some Guidelines

  • There are plenty of resources online. Look up an online tutorial if you are stuck on a certain surfacing technique in SolidWorks. Help a friend.
  • Not everything needs to be created with surface modeling, although most of it should. Be creative and figure out what works best with your fruit or vegetable.
  • It is highly recommended to use KeyShot to create your renderings because it produces better results compared to SolidWorks' built-in rendering program, PhotoView. Try creating custom diffuse and translucent materials to mimic organic textures.