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Former doctoral students

The Love here is still all the same, but he order is reverse chronological by date of graduation. The most recent graduates are listed first.

  • Ceyhun Eksin. Ceyhun began his Ph. D. studies in Fall 2009 and has been working with me since Fall 2011. He holds a degree from Istanbul Technical University. Ceyhun's Ph. D. work is on models of optimal behavior in social, biological, and technological networks. The problem here involves a network of agents that observe actions of neighboring peers and respond optimally to those observations. Over time, the repetition of actions that are optimal in a local sense leads to the emergence of some global behavior. Ceyhun's work is on characterizing these emergent global behaviors depending on the type of local interactions.
  • Yichuan Hu. Yichuan started at Penn in Fall 2009 after getting his M. Sc. degree from the University of Delaware. The goal of Yichuan's Ph. D. is to develop theory and algorithms for wireless networks when channel state information (CSI) is imperfect. What makes this problem interesting is not that CSI is imperfect but that is different at different nodes. Nodes know their local channels well, have some information about the channels of their neighbors and a rough idea of how the rest of the network looks like. We want to determine an optimal allocation of resources in this setting that takes into account the fact that different terminals have different beliefs on the network state and are bound to select conflicting actions.
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