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Quiz Solution

WeekDayDateTopicOnline VideoReferencesSlides
1F1/17IntroductionIntroduction mp_intro / graph_search
2M1/20MLK Day, No classes   
2F1/24Rigid Body Transformations - RotationsRBTs - Rotations RBTs - Rot1 / Rot2 / Rot3 / Rot4 / Rot5
3M1/27Controller DesignGain Tuning Controller
3F1/31QuaternionsQuaternions Quaternions
4M2/3Time, Motion and Trajectories  TMT / Trajectory Generation
4F2/7Multi Robot PlanningMRP Mutli Robot Planning
5M2/10Angular VelocitiesQuad. Dyn. Quad Dyn. / Ang. Vel.
5F2/14Controllability and Reachability  Controllability / Dynamical Sys.
6M2/17Nonlinear Control  Nonlin. Cont.
6F2/21Camera ModelCamera Model Cam. Mod.
7M2/24Projective Geom.Proj. Geom. Proj. Geom.
7F2/28-  -
8M3/3Point Feats. / Edge DetectionPoint Feats Edge Det. Point feats. / Edge Det.
8F3/7Optical FlowOptical Flow Optical Flow
-M3/10Spring break   
-F3/14Spring break   
9M3/17Grouping of Features and MatchesGrouping of Features Grouping of Features and Matches
9F3/21Projective TransformationsProj. Trans.[KOSTAS08]Proj. Trans.
10M3/24Pose estimationPnP / Pose from Proj. Trans. PnP / Pose from Proj. Trans.
10F3/28Pose estimation3D-3D Pose estimation 3D-3D pose estimation
11M3/31Vel. from Opt. FlowVel. from Opt. Flow[SASTRY14]Vel. from Opt. Flow
11F4/43D motion from two views3D motion from two views 3D motion from two views
12M4/7Multiple Views, Bundle Adjustment, Visual OdometryVisual Odom. SfM from Mult. Views 3D motion and Structure from Multiple Views, Visual Odomtry
12F4/11Intro. to Probability, Bayes filter   
13M4/14Kalman Filter   
13F4/18Kalman Filter (contd.), Extended Kalman Filter  Intro. to Filtering
14M4/21Motion planning revisited, RRT  Motion planning revisited + RRT