This project-oriented course will cover the mathematical fundamentals and applications of dynamics, control, planning, and vision to mobile robots. The course will focus on quadrotors, but students should be able to apply the basic principles to more general mobile robotic platforms. The class will use a combination of homework exercises and laboratory experiments to train students in bringing theory to practice.

There will be two major projects throughout the semester. The first project will focus on control and planning for quadrotors, with the goal being to fly a real-world quadrotor in the laboratory space. The second project will build on the first project, using computer vision to localize the quadrotor without the need for an external motion-capture system. The experimental portions of the projects will be done in groups of 2 or 3 in the GRASP lab during designated hours.

This course will be very demanding but rewarding to those who complete it. Expect to spend a significant amount of time on MEAM 620! The course will require a great deal of MATLAB programming to implement the control, planning, and vision algorithms. These programs must not only be correct, to ensure that the robots will be able to safely fly, but also must be efficient so that the control, planning, and estimation can be done sufficiently fast for real-time operation.

If you have any questions email the course email address. We look forward to seeing you on January 11 for the first day of class.

MEAM 620 staff