cl#Datewk#TopicSlidesReferencesAssignments OutAssignments Due
1Thu, Jan 121Introduction, TransformationsIntroduction, Transformations   
2Tue, Jan 172RotationsRotationsAn Invitation to 3D Vision, Chapter 2, Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control, Chapter 2  
3Thu, Jan 192VelocitiesVelocitiesRobotics: Modelling, Planning and Control, Chapter 3  
4Tue, Jan 243Quadrotor DynamicsDynamics HW1 
5Thu, Jan 263Quadrotor Trajectory Tracking and Linear ControlLinear Control   
6Tue, Jan 314Graphical Methods for Nonlinear System Stability, Introduction to Motion PlanningMotion Planning HW2, P1-P1HW1
7Thu, Feb 24Path PlanningPath Planning   
8Tue, Feb 75Graph SearchGraph Search P1-P2P1-P1
9Thu, Feb 95Probabilistic and Multi-Robot PlanningProbabilistic Planning Multirobot Planning  HW2 (Feb 10)
10Tue, Feb 146Trajectory PlanningTrajectory Planning P1-P3 
11Thu, Feb 166Bayesian FilteringBayesian Filtering  P1-P2
12Tue, Feb 217Kalman FilterKalman FilterKalman Filter NotesP1-P4P1-P3
13Thu, Feb 237Extended Kalman FilterExtended Kalman Filter   
14Tue, Feb 288Midterm reviewMidterm   
15Thu, Mar 28Midterm    
16Tue, Mar 149SNOW DAY   P1-P4 (Mon, Mar 13)
17Thu, Mar 169Camera ModelCamera Model   
18Tue, Mar 2110Projective Geometry IProjective Geometry   
19Thu, Mar 2310Projective Geometry II  HW3, P2-P1 
20Tue, Mar 2811Pose Estimation from CollineationsPose Estimation   
21Thu, Mar 3011PnP, 2D-3D, 3D-3D PosePnP  HW3 (Fri Mar 31)
22Tue, Apr 4123D Velocity from Optical Flow and RANSAC3D Velocities P2-P2P2-P1
23Thu, Apr 6123D Velocity from Optical Flow and RANSACGrouping, Optical Flow   
24Tue, Apr 1113Two-View Structure from Motion ISFM   
25Thu, Apr 1313Two-View Structure from Motion II  P2-P3, HW4P2-P2
26Tue, Apr 1814Visual Odometry/Bundle AdjustmentVisual Odometry HW5 
27Thu, Apr 2014Visual-Inertial Odometry ITwo View Metrology  HW4
28Tue, Apr 2515Midterm Review   HW5, P2-P3