cl#Datewk#TopicSlidesReferencesAssignments OutAssignments Due
1Thu, Jan 111Introduction, TransformationsIntroduction, Transformations   
2Tue, Jan 162Rigid body transformations; RotationsRotationsAn Invitation to 3D Vision, Chapter 2, Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control, Chapter 2  
3Thu, Jan 182Rotations and velocities IRotations and velocities IRobotics: Modelling, Planning and Control, Chapter 3  
4Tue, Jan 233Rotations and velocities IIRotations and velocities II   
5Thu, Jan 253Quadrotor Dynamics and State Space ModelingQuadrotor Dynamics HW1 
6Tue, Jan 304Linear ControlLinear Control P1-P1 
7Thu, Feb 14Nonlinear ControlNonlinear Control  HW1
8Tue, Feb 65Trajectory planning for quadrotorsTrajectory Planning HW2, P1-P2 
9Thu, Feb 85   P1-P1
10Tue, Feb 136   HW2
11Thu, Feb 156Path Planning IGraph Search P1-P3, P1-P4 
12Tue, Feb 207Path Planning II and Bayesian Filtering  P1-P2
13Thu, Feb 227Kalman Filter   
14Tue, Feb 278Midterm review  P1-P3
15Thu, Mar 18Midterm   
16Tue, Mar 139Camera Model  P1-P4
17Thu, Mar 159Projective Geometry I   
18Tue, Mar 2010Projective Geometry II   
19Thu, Mar 2210Pose Estimation from Collineations HW3, P2-P1 
20Tue, Mar 2711PnP, 2D-3D, 3D-3D Pose   
21Thu, Mar 29113D Velocity from Optical Flow and RANSAC  HW3
22Tue, Apr 312Two-View Structure from Motion I P2-P2P2-P1
23Thu, Apr 512Two-View Structure from Motion II   
24Tue, Apr 1013Visual Odometry/Bundle Adjustment   
25Thu, Apr 1213Extended Kalman Filter P2-P3, HW4P2-P2
26Tue, Apr 1714Visual-inertial odometry I HW5 
27Thu, Apr 1914Visual-inertial odometry II  HW4
28Tue, Apr 2415Final Exam Review  HW5, P2-P3