WeekDayDateTopicOnline VideoReferencesSlides
1W(M)1/14Introduction, Graph SearchIntroduction Introduction, Graph Search
1M1/19(No Class: MLK)   
1W1/21Transformations, RotationsRigid Body Transformations Rigid Body Transformations, Rotations
2M1/26Simulator, Linear ControlLinear ControlSystem Modeling, State-space controlLinear Control
2W1/28Quadrotor DynamicsQuadrotor DynamicsProject 2 HandoutQuadrotor Dynamics
3M2/2Rotations, Angular VelocityRotations Rotations Angular Velocity
3W2/4Time, Motion, Trajectory Planning  Time and Motion
4M2/9Rotations, Angular Velocities (completed), Nonlinear control  Rotations Angular Velocity
4W2/11Camera Model, Projective GeometryCamera Model Camera Model
5W2/18Nonlinear Control Lie DerivativesNonlinear feedback
6M2/23Visual FeaturesEdge detection, Point features Edge Features, Point features
6W2/25Feature Matching, Optical FlowOptical Flow Optical Flow
7M3/2Optical Flow, Projective Geometry  Projective Geometry
7W3/4EXAM 1   
8M3/9(Spring Break)   
8W3/11(Spring Break)   
9M3/16Pose Estimation  3D - 3D Pose, 2D - 3D Pose, Projective Transformation
9W3/18PnP  PnP
10M3/23Velocity from Optical Flow 3D Vision 
10W3/25Visual Odometry  3D Two Views, 3D Velocities
11M3/30Visual Odometry Two Views 
11W4/1RANSAC, SFM - Multiple ViewsGrouping features Grouping of features
12M4/6Bayes Filter FilteringIntroduction To Filtering
12W4/8Kalman Filter  Kalman Filter
13M4/13Extended Kalman Filter  EKF
13W4/15Introduction to Motion Planning  Intro to Motion planning
14M4/20Probabilistic Roadmap and RRT  Probabilistic Planning
14W4/22Multi-Robot  Multi-Robot
15M4/27EXAM 2