Project 3

Information for Project 3 Presentation

The Project 3 presentation will be in Levine 307 from 4-6pm on Friday, April 27th.

Each student gets 2-3 minutes to present the project. Set up your laptop and any other materials you want to show before the class starts at 4 pm. Please include the following in your presentation:

1. Briefly present the approach to trajectory generation and control in Project 1.

2. How do you do state estimation in Project 3?

3. What did you change from Project 1 to enable Project 3 to work.

4. Present the video and the error vs. time graph for Project 3.

4/16/2012: Project 3 Assigned

4/17/2012: Project 3 Amended

4/18/2012: Some bugfixes and tweaks to make the project slightly easier:

  • Fix rotation that is passed to camera.
  • Make visualization of paths not steal focus. True pose is shown in green, estimated pose is shown in blue.
  • Change velocity and position tolerances for stopping the simulator to be 0.5m/sec and 0.5m (an increase)
  • Pass student map to update_robot.m.
  • Change dimensions of one block in environment1.txt so that robot cannot leave the environment.
  • Change z coordinate of start/stop to 1.5m (up 0.5m from previous value of 1.0m).

4/21/2012: Bugfixes for issues brought up in this followup on piazza:

  • Remove argument from plot_path() in run_trajectory_readonly()
  • Change Camera.m to StereoCamera.m to avoid conflict with RVC Vision toolbox

4/25/2012: Environment 7 released. Your robot should navigate from [2, 2, 2.5] to [13, 18, 4.5]

4/26/2012: Fix blocks in island.

Project 3, Code, environment7.txt