Project1: Deliverables for Phase II

What you will submit:

  1. A zipped directory of your code that should contain:
    • a README file that states
      • your name
      • a very short paragraph describing your approach
      • how to run your code
    • The zip file should be called:
  2. A run_planner executable or executive function:
    • Matlab: an executive function called 'run_planner' that takes in one argument - the environment filename.
    • C++ & Python: an executable called 'run_planner' that takes in one argument - the environment filename.

How I will test it:

I will enter your directory, read your README, follow any special directions about compiling or how to call your planner.

  • Matlab: From within matlab I will call:
  • C++ or Python: At a terminal, I will call your executable in the same way: \\
    run_planner /path/to/new_environment.txt

Expected Behavior:

  1. The following output will get printed to the terminal:
    length of path:
    planning time:
    # of states expanded:
  2. An jpeg image file is created in the same directory that displays the map overlayed with the states that were expanded, and the path overlayed on top of it.
    • obstacles: black
    • region that was searched: yellow
    • unsearched region: white
    • path: green