April 28: The MEAM 620 final project presentations will be held in 305 Towne building from 12-3 PM on Tuesday, May 6, 2008.
April 17: As far as recent problems installing GazeboAPI, it seems that with a recent upgrade we will need to choose 'g++' as the compiler used (rather than the default gcc) in the installation process.
Mar 5: Testing specification and world files for Project 3 have been posted here. Remember, you must remain within the boundary space.
Mar 3: Some changes have been made to the installation procedure for Ode/Gazebo. If you are interested in trying to get Gazebo running on your personal machine, please try these changes.
Feb 28: Project 3 description and simulation models posted. Get the models here. Only these models may be used for Project 3.
Feb 27: Some comments about project two and an updated Project 2 sample world file are available (to fix laser aliasing problems) here.
Feb 25: Added some information about priority queue type data structures here.
Feb 18: Gazebo/Matlab laser example uploaded here.
Feb 14: Sample Project 2 specification and world files uploaded as well as the URG laser model.
Feb 5: Instructions on how to mount usb flash drive on class desktops is here.
Jan 29:

  • Added a page to the wiki about necessary software for this course if you are using a personal computer: Software.
  • GazeboAPI updated to version 0.2.3, then updated to 0.2.4
  • Alex K. posted a how-to install Gazebo on Mac OS 10.4.x and Ubuntu here.
  • Fixed problems with desktops in L404

Jan 25: Sample Project 1 specification and world files uploaded here, GazeboAPI updated to version 0.2.2
Jan 24: Office hours announced here
Jan 22: Project 1 description updated. Read about it in Projects. Download the robot model at here
Jan 18: No class on Jan 19. First class will be held on Tuesday, Jan 22.