Trajectory Planning for Multi-hop Communications with a Probabilistic Radio Fading Model

Final Presentations

Anirudha Mahumdar

  • Good explanation of what is being done and how.
  • Trajectory graphs are a little small, and therefore hard to read.

Avik De

  • Good graphs. Very clear. Needs slightly larger axis labels to make it easier to read.
  • REALLY LIKED the shortest path algorithm!
  • Want to see more on it.

Ben Charrow

  • Clear explanation of what is being accomplished.
  • No complaints. It was a good presentation, I don't really see much that needs to be improved. I'd like to see more on this.

Brian MacAllister

  • Good explanation of what is being done.
  • Try to talk to the audience, not to the slides.

Caitlin Powers

  • Clear explanation of what the problem is.
  • Axis labels are a little small. Makes it hard to read.

Fei Miao

  • Good explanation of what is being done.
  • Good graphs showing the results of RRT
  • Need a slightly better explanation of what A* does.
  • Incorporate the 4D explanation that you did on the chalkboard, it was a good one.

Jason Owens

  • Clear explanation of the problem.
  • Nice videos showing the quality of the results!

Kartik Mohta

  • Reorder your explanation slightly; explain why you're using a Voronoi diagram before you go into the in depth math.
  • Good graphics showing how the robots disperse.

Menglong Zhu

  • Good explanation of why the research is important
  • Need a better explanation of the algorithm itself; only know that you implemented what Microsoft published.

Phillip Dames

  • Good explanation of what the goal is.
  • Would like more information about how the mutual algorithm work.

Stephen McGill

  • Good explanation of the method used. Very clear presentation.
  • Need a little more on the algorithms involved.
  • Yellow & white is OK, but changing the font size at the same time makes it really hard to read. Please keep everything in the same font size.

Chinwendu Enyioha

  • Neat concept, really needs more time to describe appropriately.
  • Spend some time thinking about how to explain what you're doing non-mathematically before explaining the math. That will make it easier to get an idea as to what you're doing.

Ceridwen Magee

  • Like the video!
  • Good presentation, nothing bad

Cem Karan

  • Perhaps the greatest presentation ever, this one deserves a Nobel.
  • Tone down the brilliance; it terrifies the mere mortals.

Ian McMahon

  • Neat idea
  • If you have any video of what you're doing, it would be good to see.

Monica Lui

  • Clear objective.
  • Would like to know more about the algorithm.

Shuai Li

  • Clear explanation of the goal
  • If you have any examples/demonstrations of what you've done, it would be good to see.

Teyvonia Thomas

  • Clear explanation of what you're doing.
  • Give a better explanation of why you want to do it on the phone.

Yida Zhang

  • Understand the goals clearly
  • Should have been moved with the first group; you had a lot done.