Learning ROS

Alright, you just installed ROS and became very proud of your haxor abilities because of how smooth it went.....uh...duh....now what?

It's time to learn ROS...

ROS's homepage provides a great list of tutorials on the principles of ROS but many of them aren't necessary for you to do immediately. Below is a list of tutorials that we feel are the most useful and relevant to the class. I suggest you do them first.

Tutorials on ROS Principles
A Complete List of Tutorials on ROS's site

Ben's 'Introduction to ROS' presentation

The following list of tutorials assumes that we are using Matlab for the first few projects. It also assumes we are not using the Navigation Stack. Before the final project, We'll post a list of tutorials necessary for projects in different fields (manipulation, navigation, vision etc).

High Priority Tutorials (You should do these the first weekend of the course)

Navigating the ROS Filesystem
Creating a ROS Package
Building a ROS Package
Understanding ROS Nodes
Understanding ROS Topics
Understanding ROS Services and Parameters
Using rxconsole and roslaunch
Navigating the ROS wiki
ROS Command Line Tools (for your reference in the future)
Installing and Starting Gazebo
Erratic Simulation
Rviz User Guide
Rviz Videos (not the tutorials at the top)

Now is a good time to print out the ROS Cheat Sheet.

For Project 2
Getting Started with a Kinect
Calibrating the Kinect

Lower Priority Tutorials

Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (C++)
Examining the Simple Publisher and Subscriber
Create a Spinning Top in Gazebo

Advanced Tutorials (not required at all)

Gazebo ROS API
Spawning Objects in Simulation

Some Neat Tricks

Setting up Eclipse for ROS
Visualizing Basic Shapes in Rviz
Running Gazebo Headless
Recording OpenGL Apps With GLC
rxbag: A Pretty App for Managing Bag Files