Computer Specs

  • Intel Core2-Quad Q9400 - 2.66Ghz
  • 4GB PC3-8500 RAM
  • Nvidia 9500GT 512MB Ram
  • 24" HD Monitor


  • Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.2 LTS
  • Matlab r2009b (academic license with all libraries)
  • other standard software packages (OpenOffice, Eclipse, etc)
  • SSH server is enabled
  • printing to both GRASP printers


Binary installations of the following versions of ROS are installed on the machines:

  • Diamondback
  • Cturtle
  • Boxturtle


Computer Specs

  • Dell Precision 670
  • Two Xeon Processors
  • 2GB DDR2 ECC Ram
  • 250GB Hard Drive - OS installed here
  • 1TB Hard Drive - /home directories stored here
  • 1TB Hard Drive - nightly backup of /home directories


  • Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS Server Edition
  • NFS Server
  • LDAP Authentication

The lab would not have been configured correctly without the generous help of Daniel Benamy.