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Unison Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a set of community information pages for the Unison file synchronizer. All of the content here is editable (just click on the "edit" button on any page and use the password "edit"). Please feel free to add information you think may be useful to others and to tidy, correct, or comment on information that you find here. Please put something (at least a first name) in the Author field so we have some idea of who is making which changes.

These pages are password protected, to prevent vandalism-bots from changing pages to spam. The password is the word 'edit'.
Unison Documentation (visit for authoritative links to user manuals, the links below are convenience copies)
(As of 2021-02-16 these external links are neither available through the wiki navigation menu on the left, nor the Unison Home page.)

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