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Welcome to the Unison wiki. We discuss the Unison file-synchronization tool, how to set it up and use it, and various related tips and tricks.

key pages

neighboring wiki

version control system wiki:

  • the revctrl wiki discusses all kinds of version control systems.
  • the SynchroEdit wiki discusses SynchroEdit, an editor that allows multiple users to share a single X(HT)ML or text document, edit the document the same time, and synchronize changes so that all users have the same version.

neighboring wiki that do not yet have a wikinode

  • Unison uses the rsync protocol. I see there is now a rsync wiki.

version control system wiki:

  • the darcs wiki discusses the "darcs" version control system. It occasionally mentions Unison. needs wikinode
  • the mercurial wiki discusses the mercurial version control system. needs wikinode
  • the Svk wiki discusses the SVK distributed version control system. needs wikinode
  • the Arch wiki discusses the Arch Revision Control Systems such as GNU Arch and Bazaar. Arch is a distributed revision control system. needs wikinode
  • Codawiki discusses coda, a distributed filesystem that automatically replicates data across servers (vaguely similar to Unison's "repeat" preference).
  • the MultiSync wiki ...


Please add closely-related wiki to this list, preferably linking directly to their wikinode. Please prune links to unrelated wiki, moving those links to the WikiIndex.

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