Help->Viewing and editing public and private pages

(Please refer to pmwiki help for understanding the structure of pages and groups)


  • Public pages can be viewed without without any restrictions (no password required). Editing and uploading requires the corresponding password.
  • To create or edit a public page, create the following link [[GroupName.PageName]] or [[PageName]]. Then simply save and view the parent page (where you just created the link) and click on the link in order to create and edit the new page. The first will assign the page to the desired group, and the latter will assign it to the group of the parent page.
  • To upload a public file, you must know the upload password. There are several ways of uploading a file:
    1. Go to the page, which will have the link to the file and click Attach. Then select your file and upload. The file will be stored in the same group, to which the current page belongs.
    2. Go to the page, which will have the link to the file and create the following link Attach:filename.ext. Save and view this page, click on the attach link and upload the file. The file will also be stored in the same group as the page.
    3. Alternatively, you can create a link of the form Attach:MyGroup./myfile.ext , save and view the parent page, and upload the file by clicking on just created link. This will store the file into MyGroup group, regardless where you upload the file from.


  • Private pages need a special password to view, edit, and attach files. You will be asked for the password when you try to perform any of these actions.
  • All the private pages and files are under Private group, so when creating or editing private pages, use [[Private.PageName]] syntax. All pages and files are protected by the private password and you will not be able to view, create or edit these pages unless you have permission.
  • In order to upload a file to the Private directory, you can use the three alternatives, provided in the public section above, replacing MyGroup with Private. However, you will first need to log into a private page (options 1 and 2) or create the link to the new private file (dont forget the Private group in the link) on any (public) page and provide the upload password when you click on the Attach link (option 3).
  • All the files, uploaded to the Private group, are automatically password protected.

All the uploaded files, belonging to a specific group, can be viewed by going to any page in this group and clicking Attach. The files will be listed at the bottom.

Note that once you enter any passwords on this page, the browser remembers them until you completely close and restart it.