MAST OctoRoACH Crawler Robot

Using the MAST OctoRoACH Crawler Webinar was held on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 2:00 PM EST. Presentation from this webinar is below:

Biomimetic Millisystems Lab at the University of California, Berkeley - Wiki Public Wiki Site:

NOTE: Boards are very fragile, particularly when disconnecting battery for charging. If you damage your board, please contact Susan Wright.

Our MAST partner and host of our MRI Experiment Site, Motile Robotics Inc. (MRI), recently completed the fabrication and development of the first MAST Platform; the OctoRoACH Crawler, developed by Professor Ron Fearing and his team at University of California, Berkeley. A special thank you and recognition to MRI Engineer, Marc Brooks who fabricated and constructed all 70 crawlers for distribution to the MAST Consortium.

Questions or Inquiries can be directed to Susan Wright -

Hardware documentation and user's manual is below:

OctoRoACH Documents and Python Code

Camera module for OctoRoACH

For the buyers and users of the OctoRoACH crawler robot who want to have an onboard camera on the robot, I've found a vendor that has stock of the camera modules that the control board for the OctoRoACH was originally design to work with: The price for the cameras is around $12 per camera with a minimum order quantity of 5 cameras.

There is also a domestic retailer for these modules:

The primitives for camera support exist in the robot code base, but it is not quite a "complete" feature. We are planning to improve the imaging support in the firmware for the OctoRoACH in the near future, such as a 160x120 still image capture & transmit, which will be command-able though the high level Python library.