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ICFP Programming Contest 2004
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The Seventh Antual ICFP Programming Contest

This is an open contest. There is no entry fee or need to pre-register and everyone (with the exception of the organizers) is eligible. Teams may be of any size.

A team consists of every person who contributes ideas or code towards a submission. In particular, individuals may only be members of a single team and teams may not divide or collaborate with each other once the contest has begun.

In the spirit of friendly competition, teams should refrain from discussing strategies or sharing code until the winners have been announced at ICFP. Until that time, we ask teams to keep all discussion related to the task to the icfp04-discuss@lists.seas.upenn.edu mailing list. The list has public, web-accessible archives.

During the contest, we will offer 24-hour support. Any teams with questions about the task description or contest mechanics should contact the organizers first by sending email to icfp04-organizers@lists.seas.upenn.edu.

Lightning Division
Teams may submit an entry to the 24-hour lightning division. They may still participate in the main contest. All lightning division entries will also be entered into the main contest.
The format of valid entries to the contest is specified on the submission page. Any entries not satisfying this specification or submitted after the deadline may be disqualified, at the discretion of the judges.
The prizes for this year's contest are as follows (Pending final budget approval from ACM):
  • First prize: $1000, free conference registration for two student team members, and the satisfaction of hearing the judges proclaim your programming language "the programming tool of choice for discriminating hackers."
  • Second prize: $300, free conference registration for one student team member, and the consolation of hearing us proclaim your programming language "a fine programming tool for many applications."
  • Lightning prize: $100, and the joy of hearing us esteem your programming language as "very suitable for rapid prototyping."
  • Judges prize: $100, and the pleasure of hearing us call you a group of "extremely cool hackers."

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