Please feel free to contact any member of the committee by sending an email to or for Jr.FLL to

Daniel Ueda

Role: Coordinator

Background: Daniel is Associate Director for Education and Outreach at The University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab.

James Keller

Role: Head Referee

Background: James is a part time employee of the GRASP Lab and a PHD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Pennsylvania.

Nate Knuass

Role: Co-Operational Partner

Background: Nate is a part time employee of the GRASP Lab and an electronics teacher and robotics instructor at Cherokee High School.

Ashlee Anderson

Role: Volunteer Coordinator

Background: Ashlee is a rising senior in Mechanical Engineering at The Univeristy of Pennsylvania.

Jeffrey Ng

Role: Penn FLL Qualifier Event Organize

Background: Jeffrey is an undergraduate at The University of Pennsylvania.

Kendrick Davis

Role: Judge Advisor

Background: Kendrick is director of STEM Initiatives at the Mayor's Office of Education.

Amanda Gordon


Background: Amanda is a graduate from Temple University with a degree in Human Resource Management.

Peter Randall

Role: Host

Background: Peter is the host of FLL events and a teacher at SCH Academy.

Etienne Jacquot


Background: Etienne is studying Computer Engineering at Drexel University.

Cheryl Joloza

Role: Coach, Qualifier Host


Robert Broadrup

Role: Steering Committee

Background: Robert has a Ph.D. and is a lecturer in chemistry at Bryn Mawr College.

Chris Hediger

Role: Event Manager at Wood


Rita Wall

Role: Head Project Judge

Background: Rita is a STEM education consultant.