Championship Winners

Congratulations to All Championship Teams!

We would like to congratulate all the teams that participated in our Penn FLL Championship Tournament on February 1st, 2014 at the University of Pennsylvania.

Champion's Award Winners:

Champion's Award 1st Place- That Other Team (15808)

Champion's Award 2nd Place- CMS Automatons Black (10935)

Champion's Award 3rd Place- TOBOR Tidal Waves (14258)

Core Values Award Winners:

Gracious Professionalism 1st Place- Vulcan Robotics B (143)

Gracious Professionalism 2nd Place- Dot Bots (3761)

Inspiration 1st Place- The Posies (1798)

Inspiration 2nd Place- Team Awe(Sum) (17032)

Teamwork 1st Place- CMS Automatons Red (10939)

Teamwork 2nd Place- Robo Engineers (763)

Project Award Winners:

Research 1st Place- Penn Alexander (11460)

Research 2nd Place- Sandstorm Serpents (3583)

Innovative Solution 1st Place- The Perfect Storm (768)

Innovative Solution 2nd Place- FaBRICKators (17018)

Presentation 1st Place- Dream Green Machine (1068)

Presentation 2nd Place- 9 Guys and 1 Girl (7603)

Robot Design Awards:

Strategy and Innovation 1st Place- Mindstorm Monsters (84)

Strategy and Innovation 2nd Place- Beck Destroyers (1972)

Programming 1st Place- Disaster Masters (10887)

Programming 2nd Place- Green Machine (1054)

Mechanical Design 1st Place- Baldi Robotics (11453)

Mechanical Design 2nd Place- Upper Perk Robotics Gold (8492)

Robot Performance:

Robot Performance 1st Place- Disaster Masters (10887)

Robot Performance 2nd Place- Storm Catchers (1825)

Judge's Awards:

Outstanding Volunteer- Ashlee Anderson

FLL Leadership Award- Jeffery Ng

Adult Coach- Mrs. Gonzales (14042)

Mentor- Barry Walker (10887)

Spirit Award- Unigators Cobalt (7123)

Against All Odds- Got Bricks? (1800)

Rising Star- Robogirls (10974)