SNAP Robot Home

Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania’s CIS 700 Team 3 Project Site! We aim to excel at the 2016 RoboCup@Home challenge. We will be posting updates and well as project files and links. If you would like to see our code click here. We also have tutorials for building our robot and using our code, click here.  You can also use the right navigation bar.

Key Takeaways of the Project and Class:


  • background in current software architectures
  • background in learning
  • experience integrating robotic systems
  • experience with ROS

will help a lot.


  • General safety issues and system health should always be on top of everything. The condition of the robot, especially the external battery level, needs to be checked frequently. Being able to ssh into odroids anytime also helps people stay on top those issues.
  • Quality sensors that run fast may be worth the price especially if the make up for it in saved processing time, for example our webcam issue. Also, webcams with small field of view are problematic for some useful techniques such as ceiling localization.
  • Consider only position without orientation gives inverse kinematics of the manipulator more solutions.
  • ROS code will run slowly if not managed correctly.
  •  A simple window manager and terminal multiplexer tool like Byobu is extremely useful when a group of people are programming on robot simultaneously. It prevents different people launching same node.
  • Having the robot platform ready and up running at the early stage of the project is important. Spending a lot of time building up our own platform was a rewarding experience, but software development also needs time to carry out.
  • Planning vs Implementation: Focusing on planning every aspect of the project in detail helped us hash out the whole intelligence system and it would definitely benefit a lot in a large project. However, if the time is limited like this short-term project, being able to implement something quickly to have more functionalities might be more important for the purpose of showcase and demo.