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These instructions are for updating Ruby's SOAP library in Instant Rails (and its dependent HTTP-related libraries). These instructions were obtained from this web page. The library is called "soap4r" and the latest version (as of July 2007) is 1.5.7 (our install of Rails comes with 1.5.5).

  1. While connected to the internet, run Instant Rails.
  2. In the Rails menus, select "Rails Applications"-->"Open Ruby Console Window"
  3. At the DOS prompt (which will have Ruby environment variables set up), enter this command:
   gem update soap4r --source
  • Wait for the update to complete.

NOTE: You can copy the above line into the clipboard (Control-C), then paste it into the DOS window by clicking the C icon in the upper left, then selecting the "Edit"--"Paste" menus.

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Page last modified on July 18, 2007, at 04:20 PM