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CIS700, Emerging Web Technologies 2007

WARNING: This is a previous, older wiki! The latest year's wiki is here.

This is a Summer II course. Instructors are Dr. Dave Matuszek and Pat Palmer. The wiki will be maintained by all class members. Background about the course is here. Instructors:

Course Announcements (newest first) - Archived Announcements

Note: Please advertise Wiki changes with a brief announcement in the next section. Also, please put your name in the Author: box, so we can give you credit. Thanks!

  • A social bookmarking/feed reader mashup made with RoR and Ajax: nondenumerable (FF2 or IE7 only)
  • Here's the link to the Ajax exam and answers.
  • To study for the Ruby/Rails exam (Wednesday August 8):
    • Most questions (90-95%) will be about Ruby and Rails.
    • Ruby questions will be taken from A Concise Introduction to Ruby.
    • Rails questions will be taken from A Concise Introduction to Rails.
    • There will be a couple questions from Pat's recent Ajax talks.
    • There will be a couple questions from the Second Life talk.
  • Saj is having OH on Saturday from 4-6 and 12-5 Sunday.
  • To turn in the Rails Assignment, please zip up the entire application directory (one of the subdirectories of rails-apps) and turn it in via Blackboard. (If you have already submitted an incomplete version, please resubmit.) If navigating your application is not completely obvious, a top-level README file would also be appreciated.
  • Remember that you are expected to contribute to the wiki with anything you think would be useful to your instructors and fellow students. See especially the Problems page.
  • Dave and Pat have decided on course grading. See Assignments (65%) and Schedule (two exams, 35%) for details.

Recently added or updated pages (newest first) - Archived Additions

  • [Aug 7] Added a Second Life section with info about the musical event happening this Saturday. Also put a Names page in there so we can find each other in the SL world.
  • [Aug 6] Added a Ruby Comments page, along with some suggestions.
  • [Aug 5] Added some suggestions to the Rails Comments page.
  • [Aug 1] All lecture slides have been uploaded, and Dave's A Concise Guide to Rails has been updated.
  • [Aug 1] Pat has started a new web applications page, which is linked from both Ajax and Rails.
  • [July 25] The Rails page now has a link to an incomplete version of Dave's A Concise Guide to Rails.
  • [July 25] The Ruby unit testing slides have been posted, and there is now a Lectures link in the sidebar where all the PowerPoint lectures can be found.
  • [July 22] Changed the CIS 700 heading in the sidebar to link to this page.
  • [July 22] Added some tutorials to the Rails page.

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