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Date Topic Lecture Notes Projects Project Help
8/29 Image: Image formation and camera geometry slides[1] Updated
9/03 Image: Convolution slides[2] Updated Matlab Tutorials
9/05 Image: Edge detection slides[3] Updated Project 1
9/10 Image: Edge detection Reviews slides[4] Updated
9/12 Image: Pyramid and Wavelet slides[5] Updated Paper1Paper2 Project 1 Written Part Due
9/17 Image: Filters and Texture slides[6] Updated
9/19 Warping: Geometrical transformation slides[7] Updated Project 1 Programming Part Due
9/24 Warping: Triangular warping slides[8] Updated Project 2
9/26 Warping: Triangular Mesh and Linear Algebra Simplified slides[9] Updated
10/1 Warping: Thin plate spline warping slides[10] Updated Paper1Paper2
10/3 Warping: Image Resize and Retargeting slides[11] Updated
10/8 Warping: Image blending
10/10 Fall Break - No class
10/15 Warping: Texture synthesis, patch match slides[12] Updated Project 2 Due
10/17 Image Matching: Features slides[13] Updated
10/22 Image Matching: RANSAC slides[14] Updated
10/24 Image Matching: Project 3 overview
10/29 Recognition Feature: Shape Context slides[15] Updated Project 3
10/31 Recognition Feature: Histogram Features slides[16] Updated
11/5 Recognition Feature: HOG and SIFT slides[17] Updated
11/7 Recognition Feature: Texton, BOW slides[18] Updated
11/12 Recognition Matching: Voting slides[19] Updated Object Detection Site/PapersPoslet site/papers
11/14 midterm review
11/19 midterm review (practice exam) Poject 3 Due 11/17
11/21 In-class midterm (closed book, 1 page of cheat sheet)
11/26 Recognition Matching: Voting and Pictorial Stucture slides[20] Updated Project 4
11/28 Thanksgiving
12/03 Recognition Matching: Distance transform and Pictorial Structure slides[20] Updated
12/05 Recognition Matching: Contour based shape matching -- Chamfer Matching slides[21] Updated
12/10 Recognition Matching: Pictorial Structure slides[20] Updated