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Recipients of the


The ASME Mechanisms and Robotics Committee Best Paper Award was established in 1988 and funded by the ASME Design Engineering Division.

Prior to 1988, the best paper award was funded by the Procter and Gamble Company, and carried the names of "Procter and Gamble Award" and the "ASME Mechanisms Conference
Best Paper Award." From 1988 - 1994 the two awards ran simultaneously until the Procter
and Gamble / ASME Mechanisms Conference Best Paper Award was discontinued after 1994.

  • 2012 Award Winner:

Shugauang Huang, Joseph M. Schimmels
"Design of a 2 DOF Prosthetic Ankle Using Coupled Compliance to Increase Ankle Torque"

Honorable mention: Xiangyun Li, Ping Zhao, Q.J. Ge
“A Fourier Descriptor Based Approach to Design Space Decomposition for Planar Motion Approximation”

  • 2011 Award Winner:

Shabbir Kurbanhusen Mustafa, Sunil Kumar Agrawal
"Reciprocal Screw-Based Force-Closure of Cable-Driven Closed Chains"

Honorable mention: Nicholás Rojas, Federico Thomas
“A Coordinate-Free Approach to Tracing the Coupler Curves of Pin-Jointed Linkages”

  • 2010 Award Winner:

Francesco Mazzini and Steven Dubowsky
The Tactile Exploration of a Harsh Environment by a Manipulator with Joint Backlash"

Honorable mention: Viktor Orekhov, Mark Yim and Dennis Hong
Mechanics of a Fluid Filled Everting Toroidal Robot for Propulsion and Going Through a Hole”

  • 2009 Award Winner:

Rogier Barents, Mark Schenk, Wouter D. van Dorsser, Boudewijn M. Wisse, Just. L. Herder
pring-to-Spring Balancing as Energy-Free Adjustment Method in Gravity Equilibrators"

Honorable mention: Jacob R. Montierth, Robert H. Todd, Larry L. Howell
"analysis of Elliptical Rolling Contact Joints in Compression”

  • 2008 Award Winner:

Keisuke Arikawa
"Realization of a 6-dof Manipulator with an Unconventional Topological Structure"

Honorable mention: George H. Sutherland
“Mechanism Analysis Using Implicit Constraints”

  • 2007 Award Winner:

Carlo Innocenti
"Harmonic balancing of planar machinery by arbitrarily placed counterweighing shafts"

  • 2006 Award Winner:

Brian Korte (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH), Andrew Murray (University of Dayton, Dayton, OH), and Jim Schmiedeler (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH),
Paper no. DETC2006-99431

"Synthesis of Planar, Shape-Changing Rigid-Body Mechanisms"
  • 2005 Award Winner:

Ramon Sancibrian, Pablo Garcia, Fernando Viadero, and Alfonso Fernandez University of Cantabria, Santander, Cantabria, Spain Paper no. DETC2005-84441

"Suspension System Vehicle Design Using a Local Optimization Procedure"
  • 2004 Award Winners:

Sung K Koh; G. K. Ananthasuresh University of Pennsylvania

"Design of HP Models of Proteins by Energy Gap Criterion Using Continuous Modeling and Optimization"

Paul Breedveld; Danielle E. van der Kouwe; Maria A.J. van Gorp Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

"Locomotion through the Intestine by Means of Rolling Stents"

Honorable Mentions:
W. Wu & S.S. Rao, University of Miami

"Interval Approach for the Modeling of Tolerances and Clearances in Mechanism Analysis"

Fan Zhang & Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania; Guilherme A.S. Pereira, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

"Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Localization of Multiple Robot Platforms"

Mohammad Vakil, Hodjat Pendar, and Hassan Zohoor; Sharif University of Technology,
Tehran, Iran

"A Novel Six Degree-of-Freedom Manipulator with Three Legs"

Yuning Zhang & Inna Sharf, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

"Compliant Force-Modeling for Impact Analysis"

Yang Wang & Clement M. Gosselin, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada

"On the Design of a 3-PRRR Spatial Parallel Compliant Mechanism"
  • 2002:

Blake T. Larson, University of Minnesota, USA
Nikolaos V. Tsekos, Washington University, USA
Arthur G. Erdman, University of Minnesota, USA
Essa Yacoub, University of Minnesota, USA
Panagiotis V. Tsekos, Artemis MRI, LLC, USA
Ioannis G. Koutlas, University of Minnesota, USA

"Design of a Robotic Stereotactic Device for Biopsy and Minimally Invasive
Interventions in the Breast with Real Time MRI Guidance"
  • 2000:

Max Gonzalez-Palacios, Placage Unique Inc., Canada
Jorge Angeles, McGill University, Canada

"The Novel Design of a Pure-Rolling Transmission to Convert Rotational into
Translational Motion"
  • 1998:

Jian S. Dai, University of Sunderland, U.K.
John Rees Jones, Unilever Research, U.K.

"Mobility in Metamorphic Mechanisms of Foldable/Erectable Kinds"
  • 1996:

Carlo Innocenti, University of Bologna, Italy

"Closed-Form Determination of the Location of a Rigid Body by Seven In-Parallel Linear Transducers"
  • 1994:

Constantinos Mavroidis, Stanford University\\ Bernard Roth, Stanford University

"Analysis and Synthesis of Overconstrained Mechanisms"
  • 1992:

Paul A. James, Stanford University
Bernard Roth, Stanford University

  • 1988:

S. Faik, University of Minnesota
Arthur G. Erdman, University of Minnesota

Recipients of the


  • 1994:

Constantinos Mavroidis and Bernard Roth Stanford University

  • 1992 (two papers):

P.H. Tidwell, N. Bandukwala, C.F. Reinholtz, S. Dhande, and G. Webb N.K. Bucknor and F. Freudenstein Columbia University

  • 1990:

Li-Farn Yang, Jer-Nan Juang, Meng-Sang Chew

  • 1988 (3 papers):

K. Soong and Brain S. Thomson
C.C. Jobes, G.M. Palmer, and K.H. Means
H.C. Chou, G.R. George, and J.P. Sadler

  • 1986 (4 papers):

Wayne J. Sohn and Ferdinand Freudenstein
Columbia University
Tai-Wai Li and Gordon C. Andrew
Thomas R. Chase, Arthur G. Erdman, and Donald R. Riley
University of Minnesota
Kenneth H. Hunt
Monash University

  • 1984 (5 papers):

Lung-Wen Tsai and E. Roland Maki

General Motors

Ashok Mida, Allen S. Hall, Innchyn Her, and Gregory M. Bubel

Purdue University

Meng-Sang Chew

General Motors

Z. Yu and Ting W. Lee

Rutgers University

R. H. Natham

  • 1982 (3 papers):

Meng Sang Chew, Ferdinand Freudenstein, and Richard Longman
Columbia University
J. Salisbury, B. Roth
Stanford University
W. Sunada, S. Dubowsky

  • 1980 (5 papers):

A. Erdman, E. Nelson, J. Peterson, J. Bowen
J. Nayak, B. Roth
H. Yan, A. Hall
S. Tricamo, G. Lowen
F. Freudenstein, J. Macey, E. Maki

  • 1978 (4 papers):

W. Jandrasits, G. Lowen
N. Perreira, S. Dubowsky Y. Sarkisyan, K. Gupta, B. Roth

  • 1976:

Joseph Duffy Liverpool Polytechnic

  • 1974 (3 papers):

G. Sutherland, B. Roth
M. Veluswami, E. Crossley, G. Horvay
S. Dubowsky, S. Young

  • 1972 (3 papers)

W. Mansour, D. Pavlov, M. Dokainish
P. Eschenbach, D. Tesar
K. Hunt

  • 1970 (2 papers)

F. Freudenstein, Dubowsky D. Peterson