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Who Are We?

The ASME Mechanisms and Robotics Committee operates under the auspices of the ASME Design Engineering Division. The mission of the Mechanisms and Robotics Committee is to promote advances in research and education in the theory, design and applications of mechanisms, machines, robots and mechatronic systems.

Areas of interest include: kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms; analysis of robotic systems; design of cams, gears, transmissions, and linkages; bio-inspired machines; mechatronics; medical devices; compliant mechanisms; and micro and nano machines. Our flagship conference is the Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, which is the largest conference in the ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC). Our main journal, until this past year, was the Journal of Mechanical Design. In the coming years, the new Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics will be the central journal for this committee.

Our committee members are active representatives of the mechanisms and robotics community. If you are interested in participating in our committee activities in any form,please contact the committee chair:

Executive Committee Members

Committee ChairPierre Larochelle
Chair Elect & SecretaryVenkat Krovi
Past Committee ChairQiaode Jeffrey Ge
TreasurerCarl Nelson
Honors and Awards Subcommitte ChairCharles Wampler

General Members

Terms ending in 2018Terms ending in 2016Terms ending in 2014
Shorya AwtarDave CappelleriCarl Nelson
Andreas MüllerXianwen KongPhilip Volgewede
James JooNilesh MankameCraig Lusk
Feng GaoHai-jun SuCharles Kim
Charles WamplerBrian TreaseAnurag Purwar

Other Roles

2013 Mechanisms & Robotics Conference ChairTom Sugar
2013 Mechanisms & Robotics Conference Program ChairDavid Cappelleri
2013 Student Mechanisms and Robotics Design ContestGirish Krishnan

If you are interested and like to get involved in the committee activities
please send a note to the committee chairman:

Pierre Larochelle (2010-2013): pierrel@fit.edu

Contact hashem.ashrafiuon@villanova.edu for any web-related subjects.