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Spring 2013 Announcements

4/18/2013: Homework #7 has been uploaded.

3/8/2013: Homework #4 has been uploaded.

2/24/2013: Homework #3 has been uploaded.

2/11/2013: Homework #2 has been uploaded.

1/24/2013: Homework #1 and homework #1b have been uploaded.

1/23/2013: Class tomorrow (1/24) will be at 8am in 307 Levine.

1/16/2013: Our first class meeting will be tomorrow (Thur) 1/17 at 8am in ***307 Levine***.

1/8/2013: There will be no class on Thurs. 1/10. The first class meeting will be on Thurs. 1/17 at 8am. The meeting location will be announced later.

Fall 2012 Announcements

12/5/2012: Homework #7 (final manuscript) has been uploaded.

11/16/2012: Homework #6 has been uploaded.

10/22/2012: Homework #5 has been uploaded.

10/11/2012: Homework #4 has been uploaded.

10/3/2012: The presentation schedule has been shifted. Please see the updated schedule pane.

9/26/2012: Homework #3 has been uploaded.

9/19/2012: Class on 9/26 is cancelled in observance of Yom Kippur. Student presentations will resume on 10/3 and 10/10.

9/17/2012: Homework #1 has been updated. Please email your assignment to Graham when finished (this is described at the top of the assignment).

9/10/2012: Classes will now be held on Wednesdays from 8-9am in 307 Levine. The slides from today's presentations have been uploaded to the "Handouts and Slides" section. Homework #1 can be found under the "Assignments" sidebar item and is due on 9/24.

9/8/2012: Classes will be held on Mondays from 8-9am in 307 Levine.

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